Stairs - Pre-Alpha Demo

[Game - Unrealscript] "Survive the dark side of our psyche."


[App - C#] Helper programs for using Unrealscript.

Animal Crossing: NL Planner

[App - C#] A planner for the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Painting Interpretation

[Game - C#] A 3D interpretation of a painting.

Chubby Kitty

[Game - C#] Play as a cat trying to catch and eat fish.


[Game - C#] Paint the shapes.

Save the Snail

[Game - C#] Help the snail get from point A to point B.

Tick Tock

[Game - ActionScript 3] A platform game in Steampunk style


[App/Game - C#] Basically a Tamagotchi.

Sven's Legendary Mushey Hunt

[Game - C++] A fun little 2D side-scrolling game about picking mushrooms in the forest.

Link's Revenge

[Game - C++] A Zelda-style mini-game where you need to shoot all of the cuckoos.


[Game - C++] A different take on a house escape game, all made in ASCII.